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How It Work

Our smart system not only saves time but makes your accounting department to business intelligence hub. The combination of data access and strong reporting capabilities, enables you to get a clear financial picture of the business, identify process improvements and make informed business decisions. Automation provides visibility into all invoice processing activities performed in the system, enabling organizations to catch potential conflicts at the transaction level. When audit time comes, the original document image and history of all invoices data, are readily available to authorized users at any time.

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  • Capture & Coding

    Capture any document on any type or language, and transform it digital.

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  • Distribute & Approval

    Team recevied invoice easily and quickly for approvels.

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  • Matching

    Three-way match verification, to check for corresponding POs and goods receipts when invoices arrive.

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  • Integrate financial system

    Automatically connect incoming invoices with the corrects PO from the ERP systems to ensure high data quality throughout the process.

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  • Digital archiveĀ 

    With all invoice data in one system, we help you take control of your digital documents management and make your records very easy to search and organize.

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